December 28, 2020
It becomes a nightmare when your hard drive stops working or crashes. All of a sudden, you get frustrated because you have all the critical data back in there, and now you don’t have access to your essential business data or your personal files anymore. It’s natural; anyone of us can get panicked!  Whenever we [...]
By dataempires
July 21, 2020
Data destruction terminology has been classified into different ways by the industry gurus and technical publications. The term “Data destruction” is even sometimes referred to as data sanitization. It is not that easy to explain it in a lay man’s term due to the different viewpoints. In simple words, it is an act of making [...]
By dataempires
March 16, 2020
Data backup means the process of copying and archiving data of your system to a secure media so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Data recovery means the process of retrieving the data from that specific media where data backup is taken. The system refers to mobile phones, computers, laptops, [...]
By dataempires