I am not tech-savvy, can you please help me understand about data recovery online training?

We at Data Empires providing professional “Online Data Recovery Training Courses” at pocket-friendly prices. We are offering various types of courses that include,

  • Basic Electronics and Component Testing
  • Data Recovery and Hard Disk Repair
  • Advance hard disk Firmware Repairing
  • Android Mobile Data Recovery

All the courses are (will be) available in the form of pre-developed video tutorials as case studies. The video tutorials are available in Hindi, as well as the English language.

This is a user development program to help you upgrade your skillsets, knowledge, and expertise in the data recovery field. We also offer additional support so you can download firmware files, bios files, SIO programs, schematic diagrams, and hard disk testing software.

To precisely understand about our training video references, please go through our Demo Videos.

Where is Data Empire based in?

We are based in Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat, India. The address mentioned on our website is our registered office address from where we are performing all the operations. For more, please visit our website www.dataempires.com.

Can you please provide more details about your online data recovery training course?

Yes, of course. It is a pre-developed video tutorial course(s). The training course includes logical recovery, electronic failure recovery, mechanical failure recovery, and it also covers firmware repairing training at basic software level as well as on Advanced level firmware repairing hardware tools.

Once you complete your purchase, you will be able to access case study videos from our website. The video tutorials are designed with the help of industry experts where each and everything is comprehensively explained.

Do you provide certification once I complete the training course?

WE are ISO , ISO/ISMS certified company.We are providing course complition certification with this training course(s) to our professional users. The purpose of this training course is to equip you with data recovery services with your present work and help you enhance your knowledge in the field of IT engineering, PC and laptop repairing, hardware as well as networking to salvage inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data.

How do you provide support?

In today’s digital world, no one likes to wait in customer service queues. Everyone wants instant support. This is the reason we provide a separate WhatsApp number for quick support. We are providing support for this service on your registered mobile number only. For your convenience, you can also share images as well as videos on the given number. Our engineers will lend a helping at earliest and will also assist you with the recommended solution. This facility is only for professional subscribers for one year.

How much does it cost to set up an advanced data recovery business?

Advance data recovery setup includes general electronic repairing tools, advanced firmware repairing machine, class 100 clean environment, and advanced level head replacement tools. The average cost for this setup is minimum to 5 Lacs. However, the exact price depends on the hardware you purchase.
if you are an startup in this field, we did not suggest you to invest that much of amount in the start. that is the reason we are more focusing on native solution. you can start an data recovery business with a computer and basic hardware repairing tools.

Can I have a demo for the reference?

Yes, of course. For training video reference, please check our demo videos. Demo videos are available on the website, and you can also check videos on our YouTube channel.

Once I make the purchase, how can I proceed towards training?

Once you complete your purchase, you will be able to login to the website with the credentials you create. Now go to the tutorial page where you will be able to access videos.

What can I expect to have in logical data recovery training?

In the logical data recovery section, we provide how to recover data using different software. In this module, we also cover how to recover deleted data, formatted data, lost partitions, how to recover raw partition data, how to recover Bad sector affected hard disk, how to recover I/O device error affected hard drive, how to clone hard disk, how to wipe all the data from the storage device and many more such support services.

Do you provide paid software with this training?

We are not providing paid or crack version software with training. But, we will lend a helping hand, providing official website links of data recovery software(s) from where you can manage to get the software. On your special request, we will share links for paid software.

Can you please help me understand with the pricing of software?

This simple basic question can’t be answered with a specific amount. It is similar to how much does it cost to buy a home or buy a car. The answer is it depends. The price depends on the type of software you want to purchase —however, the price of standard software stars from 4000 Rupees.

What is electronic failure recovery?

There are many unexpected issues raised in hard disk due to damage PCB. In this section, we provide training regarding PCB repairing. It covers what hard disk PCB is, what are the components engaged on hard disk PCB, how to test electronic components, how to find damaged ICs, how to repair hard disk PCB. In this training section, we also cover topics of how to replace hard disk PCB and how to find donor hard disk PCB.

Do I require the same hard disk like model number and part number for PCB Replacement?

No, you don’t need to. You are not required to match hard disk size, model number, part number, and firmware number for PCB replacement. You can replace 500 GB hard disk PCB with 320 GB and 250 GB hard disk PCB. Also, you can substitute 2 TB hard disk PCB with 1 TB hard disk PCB. We are providing training support services regarding these all. This section also covers how to convert USB hard disk PCB to SATA hard disk PCB.

What tool is required for PCB repairing?

You only require general PCB repairing tools like SMD hot gun, soldering iron, soldering wire, flux, and some kind of tweezers.

What is in mechanical data Recovery training?

Mechanical data recovery training is all about how to replace mechanical components and repair mechanical problems. In this training session, we provide the information related to the mechanical structure of the hard disk and the repairing process.

We give special attention to what are the mechanical components engaged in the hard disk, how the mechanical component works, general mechanical failure problems, and how to identify specific mechanical issues via sound detection methods without opening the top cover of the hard disk. We also take care of how to solve the stuck head problem, how to replace the head, how to replace platter, and knowledge about the general criteria of donor hard disk selection for head replacement.

How to find the donor hard disk for head replacement work?

You must match with some relevant information printed on a hard disk like serial number, model number, part number, and firmware information. However, it is not required to match with complete details. All the details are available in training for how to find donor hard disk.

Do you provide tools along with the training?

Yes, we do. We also provide tools with training, and to avail of this specific service, you will be required to buy an institutional package. We are providing all the standard tools in that package.

Can I open a hard disk in-room environment?

No, you cannot. It is advisable to open in class 100 clean room or environment. If you open a hard disk in the general room environment, then there are chances that your hard drive may damage due to the dust available in the room environment and platter surface.

What is firmware repairing?

Hard disk has an operating system that is known as firmware. Firmware is responsible for managing all the functionalities of the hard drive. With this training, we are also providing necessary firmware repairing and analysis to assist you repair and restore the firmware at a basic level. We are also providing firmware repairing USB serial connector (dongle) with training. For more details, please visit the website to know about offered packages.

What type of problems can be resolved with the help of firmware repairing tools?

You can solve underlying problems like slow performance, f1 error, no detection, smart error, random size, and low health issue.

What is the price of an advanced firmware repairing tool?

Pricing of advanced firmware repairing tools starts from 3 lac INR. However, it depends on what specific type of tool you want to purchase. Some companies also provide partial payment facility and recharge system on an hourly and monthly basis.